affiliated with Stoa Christian Homeschool Speech & Debate League

What is SOAR

SOAR is a local speech and debate club for Christian homeschoolers and is affiliated with the Stoa Speech and Debate League. Located in Central Arkansas, SOAR draws students from Little Rock, Benton, Bryant, North Little Rock, Cabot, Hot Springs and more!  Our goal is not only to prepare students to compete in their chosen events at Stoa tournaments, but also to develop confident communicators who will impact our world for Christ. We host two tournaments in Central Arkansas each season: the Kickoff Challenge at Harding University in early October and the Arkansas Diamond in Little Rock in late January. Come join us! 

Learn public speaking and debate skills

What does "Stoa" mean?

In ancient Athens, people would gather at public buildings to listen to politicians, philosophers, and poets. Greece’s Mediterranean climate rendered the interiors of these buildings unsuitable for crowds much of the year. Architects therefore designed the Stoa, the long covered porches fronting or surrounding buildings, often with a double colonnade, that became the symbolic feature of classical Greek architecture. Here, in a shaded but well-lit and well-ventilated space, people could gather to conduct business or test new or competing ideas. It was in such a setting where the Apostle Paul delivered his famous speech in Acts 17 when he challenged the beliefs of the Epicureans and Stoics. In the same way that stoa existed to provide a place for public speaking, debate and the exercise of rhetorical skills, Stoa exists to provide locally-organized opportunities for friendly forensics competition in public speaking and debate for privately educated Christian homeschooled students.


SOAR is just one of many local clubs that make up the Stoa league. The directory of all Stoa clubs can be found here.